Who We Are

Pro Blend Nutrition is a Sports Nutrition Company that strives to create high-quality products that will benefit anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. By working alongside industry specialists and sports nutrition ingredient suppliers, Pro Blend Nutrition has developed proprietary formulas to boost fitness performance, aid in muscle recovery and improve overall well-being.

In the course of doing business with various sized nutrition/fitness based companies Pro Blend Nutrition noticed an increased demand from these businesses for their own company branded products, but most businesses were deterred by lack of know how and/or lacked the working capital to fulfill the large runs (orders) required by most contract manufacturers.

Who is Ron Coleman?

Bodybuilding:  A Former Mr. Pennsylvania and “the first” NPC Team Universe Overall Champion, Ron Coleman made his ultimate bodybuilding dream a reality in November of 1994, when he proudly represented the USA in China as the team captain and went on capture a Gold Medal to become the 1994-95 IFBB World Champion “Mr. Universe” thus earning IFBB Pro Status.  Then In March of 1995, Ron capped off the most successful season that any bodybuilder could have ever hoped for by adding yet another World Championship title to his credit by winning another Gold Medal, this time, at the Pan American Games in Argentina. Under the strict drug testing guidelines established by the (IOC) International Olympic Committee, Ron Coleman proved that he was indeed one of the top natural bodybuilders on the planet.  Ron also went on to become a national judge for Musclemania “drug tested” national and pro bodybuilding events, which at the time was the most well known “natural” international bodybuilding organization due to their extensive relationship with ESPN Worldwide.

Fitness: Ron was a former consultant to the largest Gold’s Gym franchisee in South Florida back in 2008.  He has also also worked for various franchises and independently for gyms, health clubs and other fitness organizations for over 29 years.  From A-Z Ron has also had a diverse job history in fitness which includes every aspect of running a successful health club which includes; overseeing club maintenance, floor trainer, personal trainer (over 25 years up till 2010), sales, pro shop manager, club marketing, management, quasi ownership to consultant.  Ron has also conducted fitness and training seminars for consumers and businesses alike throughout the US and abroad, both in person and through most every form of media.

Ron’s was a featured writer for Muscular Development Magazine and penned published articles for over five years, having also had his own monthly column for nearly three years.

Ron Coleman has an expert knowledge of the Nutrition, Fitness and Bodybuilding World. 
Currently Ron has worked at every level of a nutrition company, from purchasing and selling raw ingredients, negotiating and overseeing manufacturing, contracting national/international distribution, to national retail/consumer sales, marketing and promotions both for manufacturers direct to representing over 100 manufacturers working for a national Sports Nutrition Distributor.  He has the unique distinction of understanding the nutrition business from a vertically integrated approach!  Ron has worked at most every level of the nutrition industry, from the warehouse, to sales, upper management, nutrition broker, consultant, retail & nutrition company ownership.

What Do We Do?

Pro Blend Nutrition has filled this niche and has provided a turnkey solution to help small business owners to have their own store branded products which helps them compete on price with larger e-commerce stores while also increasing their profit margins along with strengthening their brand awareness. Every product is of the highest quality making it reputable and something each owner can believe in and promote. The best part is that they aren’t required to purchase in large bulk amounts allowing them to try many different supplements to see what works best for their customer base.